Gone are the days when smart phones were a big, high priority thing; with new features added every launch, these gadgets made our life simpler and convenient. Considered as a luxury earlier, they have evolved into becoming a necessity.

With that being said, now we have moved to newer gadgets like Bluetooth Smart Watches. These new smart watches are slowly but gradually taking over our lives; combining fashion and utility and rendering the smart phones obsolete.

With so many brands offering almost similar smart watches, it becomes difficult to choose THE BEST one. What separates a good smart watch from an ordinary smart watch is how they balance power, portability, comfort and efficiency.

Integrating fashion with function, Fire-Boltt emerged as the India’s leading brand with its remarkable range of world class, affordable Smart Wareables.

Fire-Boltt Smart Watches are designed to complement your daily lifestyle. In the current Covid-19 scenario, Fire-Boltt Smart Watches have become an essential health accessory; slowly moving from the ‘want’, to ‘need’ category of wearables, for a large number of people in India.

With the ability to turn your purchase into your personal fashion and health statement; equal attention has been given to the form and well as function of Fire-Boltt Smart Watches.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity like never before-The 4 smart watches below can be your perfect, daily fitness partner.


1) Fire-Boltt Smart Watch (BSW001):

 SpO2. We never knew something like that existed till Covid-19 hit us. The demand for oximeters went up while their supply fell down. But what about a watch that can measure your blood oxygen levels in just fraction of seconds. The Fire-Boltt BSW001 smartwatch does just that. It is a health band that can also read SpO2. Fire-Boltt BSW001 is the first smart watch in India with this feature. Apart from monitoring SpO2, the Fire-Boltt watch can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep. It also shows notifications from the phone like calls and other messages. The watch has a 1.4 inch HD display which is relatively clear, and bright. There is just a single button on the right that is used to power on and off. While on, the button takes you to the home screen from wherever you are. With 7 dedicated sports mode, it is designed to keep you healthy and fit. It's truly a watch of next gen !

2) Fire-Boltt Beast (BSW002):


As the name describes with the industry leading display size of 1.69 inches, Fire-Boltt BSW002 is actually a beast. Your accomplice through all your fitness endeavors and more, the Fire-Boltt Beast is your most trusted training buddy designed to unleash the beast in you. Get real time workout reports on your performance and measure progress on the daily.

Oriented to help you train with style and efficiency, its 8 sports modes can track your progress through a series of activities. No matter whether you prefer running, cycling in the breeze, playing sports like badminton– you can optimize your routine for maximum efficiency.

 24/7 heart rate monitoring, Spo2 function and a dedicated Breathe mode, ensures that you are always in your best health. Sedentary alerts and an IP67 water proof rating makes it one of the best smart watches of India.

3) Fire-Boltt 360 (BSW003):

Fire-Boltt 360 smartwatch features a circular dial with a bezel ring. With 1.3-inch full touch HD display it has a crown button placed on the right side of the dial, which is decently tactile. Suited for people with an active regime, the Fire-Boltt 360 is the optimal blend of rugged good looks and practical lifestyle application. Available in multiple colours, personalise your watch with over 100 watch faces to wear on the daily.

Lasting 8 days on a single charge, you can head out on a small vacation, with the assurance that your watch will never run out of juice. It also has a rotating UI, which is both easy to access and addictive to use. You can simply use your thumb to rotate the entire menu and keep doing it even if you do not have any specific task to perform. You can drag down the menu to increase the brightness, change the settings and swipe you to access the menu. The touch is very smooth, and there is no visible lag even when you swipe through the menu repeatedly

An IP67 water rating, facilitated by real-time smart phone notifications - elevate the average user experience. Pair this with 8 sports modes and advanced health monitoring - your quintessential fitness tracker has arrived.


4) Fire-Boltt Talk (BSW004):

What could be better than a smart watch that not only tracks your fitness but also allows you to stay connected with the world? Well, Fire-Boltt Talk is the first smartwatch in an affordable price range that offers voice help features and Bluetooth calls. With the support of Bluetooth v5, users can also control the music on it, which is possible on both Android and iOS smartphones. Reducing your mobile dependence, this smart wearable has a bevy of features to make use off. From accessing your call logs, making calls, sync your contacts and providing text alerts, you can get essential social media updates right on your wrist. Equipped with a stainless steel body with a silicone strap; it is heavy on specs and low on prices.


No matter your preference, each of these budget smart watches is geared to ultra modern sensibilities, while being both trendy and practical.