The present and future of wearables in India


Wearable devices bring us closer to technology in a seamless manner and allow us more control over our lives. For instance, the virtue of such devices to monitor our health parameters enables us to identify any anomalies in heartbeat or blood pressure levels well in time, giving us the scope to take preventive measures and treatments accordingly.

The same capability is applied to everything that wearable technology can get attached to, making wearable technology more desirable and acceptable.

Wearable technology in India

Wearable technology is classified into basic (run without apps) and smart (run with apps). India being a price sensitive market, the demand for basic wearable gadgets is higher than its counterpart. Therefore, fitness bands have conventionally had a stronghold in the market.

Wearing technology on the wrist is well-embraced in India, and this trend has invited many tech-first and other companies to try their hands at innovation. That’s why we can see century old watch-making brands such as Titan and others also offering tech-infused wrist bands.

Today, the market offers a vast range of wearable technology, and the demand for smart wearables is improving in India. In addition to fitness bands and smartwatches, there are smart shoe sole, smart chest trap, smart glasses, smart ring and more.

The ample scope of innovations within the sector will never let people’s excitement fade in wearable technology. But can Indian firms live up to the excitement and expectations of people here?

APAC leads wearable technology innovation

Holding onto the power of manufacturing and technology knowledge, APAC leads the production and distribution of wearable technology. As per Wearable Technology Market report, “Manufacturers in China and India offer wearable devices at a low price, making them affordable for customers.”

Every day, more players are discovering something new to gain a competitive edge, intensifying the competition. Resultantly, lowering the price of the gadgets, even advanced gadgets, and making it more affordable for the larger sect. It is the right time for the Indian firms to level-up their game in wearable technology to grab the lead.

Impact of COVID-19 on wearables

A skewed slump in the production of wearables was witnessed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of which could be seen in the increased prices and shortage of supply in the segment. However, the same situation has inspired some genius minds to add more innovation to the segment.

It was recorded that some wearable gadgets could detect the onset of COVID-19 symptoms much before the traditional method. As a matter for fact, our smartwatch with SPO2 monitor helped many of our consumers keep a tab on their blood oxygen levels, which proved to be instrumental in the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

Therefore, wearable technology goes beyond offering a fancy tech gadget and enables common man to function effectively.

From the land of tigers to technology innovators

For India, wearable technology can do what Apple did for the US – position it as a world leader in innovative technology. The reason why most of us preferred imported gadgets over indigenous ones were quality, level of innovation and international popularity.

Now with the strengthening of local manufacturers, improved R&D and brimming number of tech innovators in India, we are able to bridge the gaps and continue to do so. Our nation is already producing never-seen-before wearables that are potential blockbuster gadgets for the world.

The acceptance of made-in-India wearables among Indians for their durability, design, and reasonable pricing will strengthen homegrown companies’ position locally and give them the power to eye international success.

The author, Arnav Kishore, is Co-Founder, Fire-Boltt, a homegrown personal audio and wearable brand.