Top 10 Fire-Boltt's Big Screen Smartwatches 2022

Big Screen Smartwatch

The impact Smartwatches have on our lives to make it easier for us to function the day-to-day tasks as smoothly as possible is considerably immense.

Having a Big Screen Smartwatch is not only an add-on to the Aesthetics & wearability but also, a huge plus to safeguard your eyes’ well-being.

A list of 10 best Fire-Boltt Smartwatches with big screen:

  1. Fire-Boltt MAX
  2. Fire-Boltt RING
  3. Fire-Boltt BEAST PRO
  4. Fire-Boltt Ai
  5. Fire-Boltt NINJA CALLING
  6. Fire-Boltt NINJA CALL 2
  7. Fire-Boltt NINJA PRO MAX
  8. Fire-Boltt NINJA 3
  9. Fire-Boltt BEAST
  10. Fire-Boltt MERCURY

1. Fire-Boltt MAX:

Full Metal Body with 1.78” AMOLED Display and 368*448 Pixels Resolutions, we call it MAX for a reason. Now, access the menu, type messages, and read the smart notification on your Big Screen Smartwatch Besides, it comes with 2.5 Tempered Glass and 326 PPI Retina Screen. What’s more to the display, it’s an Always-On Display, so now, your Smartwatch is endlessly Active for you.

           Additional Smart Features:

    • Health features: SpO2 Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Meditative Breathing, etc.
    • Multiple Watch Faces: Now, you can modify the face of your Smartwatch according to the vibe of the day.
    • Multiple Sports Modes: Walking, Running, cycling, Hiking, Basketball, Rope Skipping, Yoga, Free Training, etc.
    • Battery capacity: 10 Days- Normal Use and 30 Days- Standby Time.
    • Smart Notification: No need to unlock your phone every now-and-then when you can access everything on your wrist with Smart Notifications on your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch.
    • Music Control
    • Remote Camera Control
    • 3ATM Water Resistance: Welcome Rainy-Days!
    • Smart Features: Weather Updates, Female Health Care, Drink water Reminder, Sedentary Reminder. 

    2. Fire-Boltt RING:

    With an amazing 1.7” High Definition, Full Touch Display, now you can totally live the view. Authentic Clarity, Deep & Bold Colours with Adaptable Brightness, everything to excel your expectations of A Smartwatch with a Big Screen.

    Additional Smart Features:

    • Bluetooth Calling: Now, keep your hands free and talk with your wrist with an In-Built Speaker and Microphone.
    • Personal Health Guardian: Heart Rate Tracking, Female Health Tracking, Sleep Tracking, SpO2 Monitoring, Pedometer, etc.
    • Battery Capacity: 8 Days Normal use and 24 hours with Bluetooth Calling.
    • Multiple Sports Modes: With 8 active sports modes displayed clearly on the DA FIT application on your phone, now see all your health data.
    • Weight: It weighs 57 grams, a feather-like feel!
    • IP67 Water Resistant
    • Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Beige, and Gray
    • Smart Features: Alarm, Weather Forecast, Do Not Disturb Mode, Find My Phone feature, Sedentary Reminder, etc.
    • Remote Music Control 

    3. Fire-Boltt BEAST PRO:

    1.69” Full Touch Display with 240*280 Pixels Resolutions for vibrant colors & detailed clarity, and Adjustable 500 NITS Peak Brightness. Now, you can totally feel what you see! 

      Additional Smart Features:

      • A Professional-Personal Assistant: With Bluetooth Calling, Voice Assistance and Voice Recorder, now wear a pro-personal assistant, not only a smartwatch, one of the Best Big Screen Smartwatches.
      • Play Local Music
      • TWS Pairing: Stay Aligned and keep it easier to use.
      • Battery Capacity: 48 Hours with Bluetooth Calling and 5 Days without Bluetooth Calling.
      • Track Your Health: With SpO2 Monitoring, Heart Rate Tracking, Meditative Breathing, etc.
      • Rotating Button: For quicker access to the Menu.
      • IP67 Water Resistant
      • Smart Features: Flashlight, Camera Control, Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch, Menstrual Reminder, Sedentary Reminder, Weather Forecast, etc.
      • Multiple Watch Faces
      • Multiple Sports Modes: Walking, Badminton, Running, Football, Cycling, Swimming, Skipping, etc. 

      4. Fire-Boltt Ai:

      This Uniquely named watch with large screen comes with 1.69”- Industry Best Display and 240*280 Pixels Resolutions. Get your tasks done with a Big Screen Smartwatch and an amazing touch experience. 

        Additional Smart Features:

        • Bluetooth Calling- Quick Dial Pad, Call History and Save Contacts.
        • Voice Assistance
        • Fitness Partner- With Health Tracking features like Heart Rate Monitoring, Stress Management, Sleep Tracking, Blood Pressure Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, Female Health Tracking, etc.
        • 10 Sports Modes
        • Long Lasting Battery Life
        • Smart Notification: Call Notification, Message Notification and other applications’ alerts.
        • IP67 Water Resistance 

          5. Fire-Boltt NINJA CALLING:

          A 1.69” Full Touch Display with 240*280 Pixels Resolutions and 450 NITS Peak Brightness. Making your experience a whole lot better when it comes to The View.

          Additional Smart Features:

          • Bluetooth Calling: Now, connect your phone to your wrist and have quick access to the dial pad, contacts, and call history.
          • Colours: Metal Gray, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Green.
          • Healthy Lifestyle: With Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, Meditative Breathing, etc.
          • Voice Assistance
          • 30 Sports Modes: Reconnect with your childhood and rejoice in the outdoors with 30 Active Sports Modes.
          • Multiple Watch Faces: Choose the vibe of your day!
          • Battery Capacity: 5 Days Normal Battery Life and 20 Days on Standby Mode.
          • IP67 Water Resistant
          • Smart Features: Flashlight, Low Battery Reminder, Sedentary Reminder, Weather Forecast, etc., making it one of the Best Smartwatches with Big Screen.

          6. Fire- Boltt NINJA CALL 2:

          A 1.7” Full Touch Display with qualities like High-Definition View and Curved Edges makes this watch one-of-a-kind! 240*280 Pixels Resolutions to making your vision clearer and brighter. 

          Additional Smart Features:

          • Bluetooth Calling:
            1. Quick Dial Pad
            2. Call History
            3. Save Contacts
          • Monitor Your Health: Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Meditative Breathing, Steps Tracker, Calories Burnt Tracker.
          • In-built Games: Now, you have entertainment tied to your wrist!
          • IP67 Water Proof
          • Capacity Sensor
          • Smart Notification: Not only calls and messages, now connect all the other applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., and don’t miss out.
          • Multiple Watch Faces
          • 27 Sports Modes
          • Battery Capacity: 10 Days Normal Use and 5 Days with Bluetooth Calling.
          • Play Local Music- With In-built mic and speaker.  

          7. Fire-Boltt NINJA PRO MAX:

          Along with 1.67” LCD Display with fully capacitive touch screen, Ninja Pro Max comes with 240*288 Pixels Resolutions. So now, you can turn to the sunshine and operate your Big Display Smartwatch without any hassle.

          Additional Smart Features:

          • Wholesome Healthiness: 24/7 Dynamic Heart Rate Tracking, Advanced Sleep Tracking, Meditative Breathing and what-not!
          • Lighted Weighted: 45 grams with 9.5 mm thickness.
          • 27 Active Sports Modes
          • Multiple Watch Face: To design the vibe of your watch according to the mood of your day!
          • IP68 Water Resistant
          • Relentless Battery Usage: Typical usage time is 8 Days and Standby Time is up to 30 Days.
          • Outstanding Smart Features: Like Wake Gesture, Do Not Disturb Mode, Vibration Alert, Sedentary Reminder, Weather Forecast, etc
          • Remote Music and Camera Control 

          8. Fire-Boltt NINJA 3:

          A 1.69” Full-Touch, High-Definition Display with 240*280 Pixels Resolutions making it easier for your eyes to see what your Smartwatch with Big Screen is offering… 

          Additional Smart Features:

          • 60 SPORTS MODES- Now we offer you fitness with a vast range of sport modes to keep it adventurous, and keep adding life to your days.
          • IP68 Water Resistant- Now, nothing stops you from being a Water Sports Enthusiast.
          • Active Health Monitoring: Starting from Monitoring your Sleep, Heart Rate, SpO2 and much more, to Meditative breathing, this feature helps you to keep tabs on your health.
          • Smart Notifications
          • A Fashion Statement: With Multiple Watch Faces.
          • Battery Capacity: 7 Days Normal Use and 25 Days Standby Time.
          • Inbuilt Games- Enjoy your time playing fun games on your Big Screen Smartwatch

          9. Fire-Boltt BEAST:

          A 1.69” High-Definition, Full Touch Display with 500 NITS Peak Brightness and 240*280 Pixels Resolutions. Fire-Boltt BEAST justifies its name to the best of its capacity, it’s brighter than all. One of the Best Smartwatches with Big Screen! 

          Additional Smart Features:

          • Slick Rotating Button: For quick access to the menu.
          • Your Beast Mode on: With Multiple Sports Modes.
          • Health Oriented Features: Heart Rate Tracking, SpO2 Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, Meditative Breathing, etc.
          • Multiple Watch Faces: Now, Style every occasion with a new face of your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch.
          • Smart Notifications: Stay Always Connected!
          • Battery Capacity: 8 Days Normal Use and 15 Days Standby Time.  

          10. Fire-Boltt MERCURY:

          It’s a 1.7” High-Definition, Full Touch Display supporting taps and swipes. With its adjustable brightness and vibrant mix of colours and clarity, now it’s easier for you to read and operate.

          Additional Smart Features:

          • Personal Health Guardian: Body Temperature Monitoring, Heart Rate Tracking, Menstrual Reminder, SpO2 Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, etc.
          • Fitness: With Multiple Sports Modes.
          • Fresh Watch Faces: To suit your versatile personality, set a fresh face on your Smartwatch every time you step out.
          • Smart Notifications: Including calls, messages and other applications like twitter, Instagram, etc.
          • Battery Capacity: 8 Days Normal Use and 30 Days Standby Time.
          • IP67 Water Resistant
          • Music Control: Now tune your Music with the tone of your days.
          • Smart Features: Camera Control, Sedentary alert, Weather Check, Alarm Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, etc. 

          Now, pick a Smartwatch with Big Screen from our wide range of collection to suit your Requirements and Style!